CP66 Commercial Processor

CP66 Front Panel

CP66 Chassis


  • Six Independent and Linkable Zones.
  • Six Program Inputs (4 RCA, 2 Balanced Euroblock).
  • One Gated Priority Input.
  • Paging Inputs with Priority assign.
  • Independent EQ, Limiter, Ducker, Cut Filter, Priority and Page Level per Zone.
  • Music-on-Hold Output (Transformer isolated).
  • Front Panel Lockout switch.

Remote Controls

  • Optional PAGER2 Smart Paging Station with Mic Input.
  • Optional DR1 Remote Zone/Group Level controls.
  • Optional DR3 Remote Zone/Group Input Select or Master Level controls.

CP66 Commercial Processor

CP66 & Accessories

The Rane CP66 is a multiple-input Commercial Zone Processor with paging support. Designed for versatility, it is perfect for use in restaurants, bars, offices, retail stores, stadiums, and other types of multi-zone environments.

With six Program inputs, six linkable Zone outputs, Page input, and support for the Rane PAGER2, DR1, and DR3 Digital Remotes, a multitude of system configurations are possible.

The CP66 can be configured entirely using its intuitive front panel controls, and easily set up by a technician in any location without a computer. Included Windows® software (connected through USB) provides the additional ability to save and load preconfigured settings for easy deployment, and also allows custom Zone and Group naming.

Any of the six Program inputs can be assigned to each Zone. Program Input 6 can act optionally as a gated Priority Input for use with a jukebox or notification system.

Each Zone features independent settings for:
• Level • 3-Band EQ • Source Select • Page Level
• Ducker Depth • High-Pass Filter • Limiter Threshold • Priority input Enable

CP 66 Processing

Page inputs are priority controlled, so a high priority input will always override the other. If Page priorities are equal, then both can be used simultaneously.

Page 1 supports an analog line or mic level input with selectable 24 V phantom power, and is assigned to Zones via a rear panel dipswitch.

Page 2 supports the optional Rane PAGER2 paging station, allowing dynamic Zone selection right at the microphone, and can store preset groups for even easier page selection. The PAGER2 connects via a single standard CAT 5 cable. See details via the link at the left. (Mic not included with PAGER2.)

Zones may be linked into groups via rear panel switches. When linked, the Level and Source as well as any connected Remote controls are set to the same value for each Zone in the group. This allows simple but powerful linking scenarios without the need for complicated software.

The Rane Digital Remote DR1 adds remote control of Zone (or linked group) Output Level, optionally limited by configurable max and min values. The DR3 adds Input Source selection along with Level, and can be a Master Level control displaying and controlling all six Zone levels from a single location. Custom Digital Remote display names can be set in the PC software. See details via the links at the left.

Independent Accelerated-Slope™ 3-band tone controls for each zone allow easy intuitive adjustment. The tone controls use 12 dB per octave Linkwitz-Riley filters with a range of ±6 dB.

A dedicated transformer-isolated output delivers any Program input source to music-on-hold in a telephone system.

System security can be enabled from a local or remote switch. Options include full CP66 front panel lockout, allowing only front panel zone control, and remote muting.

The Rane CP66 includes an internal 100-240 VAC power supply and is CSA approved.

The interactive graphic below shows the different screens on the CP66. The data knob and cursor are not adjustable in this demo.

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Application: 6-Zone Restaurant

CP66 Restaurant

This example allows host paging in the dining room, lounge, meeting room, patio, restrooms and kitchen. Groups of zones may be accessed by single buttons on the PAGER2. For instance, a group can be named "table ready" and include the lounge, patio and restrooms. Another group only pages the eating areas. A third group can page everyone.

The manager can page any room using a DR3 remote and a microphone without leaving his office (or put one in the kitchen).

Background music volume is controlled by a DR1 remote in the dining, meeting, lounge and patio, giving local control by the staff to accommodate the quiet or busy times in each room.

Background music is also fed to music-on-hold in the telephone system.

Application: Off-Broadway Theater

CP66 Theater

This theater uses the CD player, computer, or radio in the sound booth as shared background music sources. The house mix is also a program source during showtime.

The PAGER2 at the box office is able to page the lobby and restrooms, backstage, and the women's or men's dressing room. Groups of zones may be accessed by single buttons on the PAGER2. For instance, a group can be named "manager call" and include the dressing rooms and backstage. Another group only pages the public areas. Another group can page everyone.

A DR3 master source remote can be locate in the box office or concession area to control background music or the house mix in the lobby.

A paging mic can be present backstage so someone can page the other areas during rehearsal.

Background music or stage volume is controlled by a DR1 remote backstage and in each dressing room.

Application: Auto Dealer

CP66 Auto Dealer

This car dealer has a time clock with a chime output connected to the PAGE 1 INPUT. The clock has a contact closure that enables the chime. Volume and ducking of background music are controlled in the zone output settings.

The PAGER2 at the reception desk is able to page the showroom, service waiting area, service bay and parts department, sales and credit offices, the employee lounge, and the parking lot. Groups of zones may be accessed by single buttons on the PAGER2. For instance, a group can be named "service to front" and include the service bay, sales offices, employee lounge and parking lot. Another group only pages customers in the showroom and service waiting areas. Another group can page everyone.

A DR3 master source remote can be located in the reception desk or manager's office to control background music in the customer areas.

DR1 Digital Remote

DR1 Digital Remotes

The Rane DR1 is a Level Control remote with several features that make it stand out against any other wired remote. The LCD display shows the name of the Zone or Group that it is connected to, customizable in the CP66 Software to anything you like. The Level value is also shown, and updated dynamically when it is changed elsewhere, such as in a linked group with multiple Remotes connected. The display has a backlight for readability that turns on when used, then dims after a short time period.

The DR1 may be installed in a standard electrical box with a minimum depth of 2.25" (5.7 cm). Available in white, ivory and black, the DR1 includes a matching Decora® plate cover. A side view of a DR1 installation is here.

Digital Remotes connect to the CP66 via a single-run CAT 5 cable up to 1000 feet (304 meters).

DR3 Digital Remote

DR3 Digital Remotes

Inside a Zone: Single Level & Source Selector

DR3 Digital Remotes

Master Remote: List of Zones with Levels

The Rane DR3 provides Level control when connected to a Zone Remote port on the CP66, with the added control of Input Source selection. This lets you select the audio source for a room from within the room itself, or anywhere else you need remote control.

The DR3 can also be used as a Master Remote on the CP66, displaying the Volume Level for all Zones and Groups and allowing you to change each of them dynamically from a single location, such as behind a bar or at a reception area. Plugging the DR3 into the Master Remote jack on the CP66 will make it the Master.

The DR3 may be installed in a standard 2-gang electrical box with a minimum depth of 2.25" (5.7 cm). Available in white, ivory and black, the DR3 includes a matching Decora® plate cover. A side view of a DR3 installation is here.

Digital Remotes connect to the CP66 via a single-run CAT 5 cable up to 1000 feet (304 meters).

PAGER2 Paging Station

PAGER2 Paging Station

The PAGER2 is a Smart Paging Station that allows advanced features beyond a normal analog microphone. Specific to the CP66, this unit lets you decide which combination of the six Zones to Page into and displays important information such as whether or not a higher priority page is already occurring.

The PAGER2 accepts any standard gooseneck mic and has built-in selectable 24 V Phantom Power and a 13 dB pad. It normally sits on a desk or table, and has lockdown features for security. It connects to and is powered by the CP66 via shielded CAT 5 cable up to 500 feet (152 meters). Status indicators on the rear of PAGER2 and the CP66 verify communication.

PAGER2 rear panelThe PAGER2 chassis is painted steel, measuring 4.5" x 6" x 2" (11.4 x 15.2 x 5.1 cm). Unit weight is 20 ounces (567 grams).

A gooseneck mic is not included.

Labels for custom Zone and Group names may be inserted in slots on the sides of the protective Lexan faceplate. The PDF from the link below allows you to print your own custom PAGER2 labels. Just fill in the fields, click "Print Form," cut to fit, and insert the labels. Acrobat or Adobe Reader 7 and higher is required.

CP66 Software

CP66 Software

The CP66 Software Application permits easy setup of the CP66 using a Windows PC attached to the rear panel USB port. Configurations can be saved and recalled on a laptop, speeding installation at multiple sites.

The names and labels feature allows custom names of sources and zones to appear in attached DR1 and DR3 Remote Controls, as well as the CP66 front panel display.

The software is included on CD-ROM in the box with the CP66. The software is supported on Windows® XP, Vista, 7 and 8, and requires a USB connection.

1.2.0 Release Notes

  • Fixed the occasional dropped comm link to DR1, DR3 or PAGER2.
  • Fixed ability to roll back firmware in connected DR1, DR3 or PAGER2.
  • DR1, DR3 and PAGER2 firmware are updated to current production.

1.1.1 provides a compatibility fix for 1.1.0.

1.1.0 Release Notes

  • Different Max / Min settings for Linked Zones now allowed
  • PAGER2 Hold-to-Store disable function added
  • Support for automatic firmware update (hw ver. 2 or later)

CP66 Specifications

Parameter Specification Limit Conditions/Comments
Program Inputs 1-4      
..........Input Type Unbalanced RCA   Mono-summed L & R
..........Max Input Level +14.3 dBu +2 /-1 Equivalent to 4.0 Vrms
..........Input Level Adjust Off to 0 dB    
..........Freq. Response 20 Hz to 22 kHz dB ±0.4 +0 dBu, 20 Hz to 20 kHz
..........Input Impedance 17.3k Ω 10%  
Program Inputs 5-6      
..........Input Type Euroblock   Mono-summed L & R
..........Max Input Level +20 dBu +2 /-1  
..........Input Level Adjust Off to 0 dB    
..........Freq. Response 20 Hz to 22 kHz   +0 dBu, ±0.4 dB
..........Input Impedance 14.0k Ω 10%  
Page 1 Input      
..........Input Type Euroblock   Balanced
..........Gain Range -41 to 0 dBFS   Continuously adjustable
Page 1 Mode: Line      
..........Input Impedance 5.8k Ω 10%  
..........Max Input Level +20 dBu   Gain set to min.
Page 1 Mode: Mic      
..........Input Impedance 1.1k Ω 10%  
..........Max Input Level +5 dBu   Gain set to min.
..........Phantom Power 24 V +4 /-0 10 mA max.
Zone Outputs      
..........Number of Outs 6   Mono
..........Output Type Euroblock   Balanced
..........Max Output Level +20 dBu ±1  
..........3-band Tone Controls ±6 dB   Accelerated-Slope
...............Low/Mid Frequency 300 Hz   12 dB per octave Linkwitz-Riley
...............Mid/High Frequency 4 kHz   12 dB per octave Linkwitz-Riley
..........Freq. Response 20 Hz to 22 kHz   +0 /-3 dB
..........THD +N 0.06%   +4 dBu, BW=22 kHz ±0.01%
..........Output Impedance 100 Ω 10% Each leg
..........Agency Listing CSA    
..........Line Voltage 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz   20 watts
..........Construction All Steel    
..........Size 3.5"H x 19"W x 8.5"D 8.9 cm x 48.3 cm x 21.6 cm
..........Weight 7 lb   (3.2 kg)
.....Shipping Size 4.5" x 20.3" x 13.75" 11.4 cm x 52 cm x 35 cm
..........Weight 12 lb   (5.4 kg)
Note: 0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms      

CP66 Support

If the above options don't answer your question, or it's urgent...
Phone 425-355-6000, 8:30 AM to 5 PM PST, Monday through Friday.
If it's less urgent, you can email the factory.
For local service within the USA, find a service center.

Commercial Processors Comparison

Levels of Priority
Paging Mic Inputs
Program Line Inputs
Number of Zones
1 Stereo
1 Stereo + 1 Mono
Page Limiter
Page High / Low Filter
Expand Outputs
Expand Levels

For more inputs and outputs, see the HAL System. 22 RAD models include a Paging Station an ambient noise microphone, and a small local plenum-rated amplifier. A Room Combine Processor and easy linking to Digital Remote controls are parts of a comprehensive supply of additional processing.


Analog Inputs

Analog Outputs

RAD inputs

RAD outputs

Total Inputs

Total Outputs









requires HAL1x *



















*A HAL1x can connect up to 32 input and output Expanders for 512 inputs and 512 zones.