DEQ 60L Equalizer

DEQ 60L Graphic Equalizer

  • Perfect-Q™: What You See Is What You Get (No filter interaction)
  • Proportional-Q: Classic smooth response
  • Independent Accelerated-Slope™ 3-band full-cut tone controls
  • Low-Cut and High-Cut Filters
  • Input and Output Level controls
  • Each channel may use A or B channel controls:
    • Stereo Linking
    • Two “analog memories”
    • A-curve / B-curve comparison
  • 45 mm sliders with center detents
  • Two Boost / Cut ranges: ±6 dB or ±12 dB
  • Switchable Cut-Only mode
  • Eight-segment metering for each Input and Output
  • Analog-controlled DSP with exceptional RF and magnetic immunity
  • XLR, 1/4" TRS and Euroblock connectors
  • Bypass switch (DSP), Bypass relay (power failure)

The DEQ60L has been discontinued. Consider the HAL4:

This product has not been tested to the current CE requirements and is not available in markets requiring CE compliance.

DEQ 60L Graphic Equalizer

When the term “graphic equalizer” was first coined, the intent was to provide a device that allowed the user to “draw” the desired frequency response using slider controls on the unit’s front panel. Thus, the Holy Grail of graphic equalizers is a device with a response that truly matches the slider settings. For years, this seemingly unobtainable goal resulted in products based on the fine art of compromise … until now … until the DEQ 60L.

It’s not Constant—not Proportional—It’s Perfect! Digital Signal Processing (DSP) allows filter technology not possible with analog designs. Rane coined the term Perfect-Q™ to describe the results (U.S. patent 7,266,205). The DEQ 60L is the world's first true graphic equalizer (i.e., one providing real mechanical front panel slide controls) whose output response precisely matches its front panel settings. Perfect-Q features virtually no band interaction and extremely low ripple between adjacent bands. To keep things flexible, fear not proportional-Q lovers, each channel of the DEQ 60L is selectable between Perfect-Q or Proportional-Q response.

The DEQ 60L features 45 mm sliders, a switchable Cut-Only mode, additional Cut filters, and additional 3-band Tone controls. The DEQ 60L provides the most complete set of pure EQ functions ever offered in an analog controlled equalizer.


  1. Perfect-Q™ : What you see is what you get
  2. Proportional-Q: Classic smooth response
  3. Independent Accelerated-Slope™ three-band tone controls
  4. Low-cut and High-cut filters
  5. Input and Output level controls
  6. Eight-segment metering for each input and output
  7. Two Boost / Cut ranges: ± 6 dB or ± 12 dB
  8. Each audio channel may use A or B controls
  9. Analog controls
  10. XLR, TRS and Euroblock Phoenix connectors
  11. Bypass switch (DSP)
  12. Bypass relay (power failure)
  13. Exceptional RF and Magnetic immunity
  14. Universal switching power supply
  15. Cut-Only mode


  1. No EQ filter interaction. Response matches slider settings.
  2. Familiar response. Smooth tone contouring.
  3. Adjust Tone response without moving a dozen EQ sliders.
  4. Band limit for application: Voice, Music, Headphones, etc.
  5. Optimize dynamic range. Match the level after the EQ.
  6. Allows accurate use of the level controls.
  7. Select control resolution and range for the application.
  8. Stereo Linking; Two “analog memories”; A-curve / B-curve comparison.
  9. Quick control access with one control, one function, no confusion.
  10. Connector matches your cables.
  11. EQ in/out compare. Bypass Filters only or bypass Filters and Level controls.
  12. No pops on turn-on or turn-off. Passes signal when power is off.
  13. Works in high RF environments. Works next to power amps.
  14. Works virtually anywhere in the world.
  15. Maximum level of precision.

Perfect-Q or Proportional-Q

We know you know how to use a realtime analyzer, but using PERFECT-Q mode will make that a lot easier. Since there is no interaction between filters, the multiple adjustments through all the bands just to get the analyzer to read flat is a thing of the past. One pass should do the trick. Then use the TONE controls or CUT FILTERS for general sweetening. We know your sound is important and your time is valuable.

If you want to compare the sound of your old (non-Rane) EQ to this one, and you are used to the way the slider bands interact, then use PROPORTIONAL-Q mode. It's your choice with the front panel switch.

Constant-Q vs Proportional-Q

DEQ 60 Ripple

Additional Filters Included

DEQ Tone ControlsLOW, MID, and HIGH TONE controls provide independent, Accelerated-slope™, 3-band Tone controls allow easy, intuitive adjustment of tone response without the hassle of adjusting 30 bands. The Tone controls use 12 dB per octave Linkwitz-Riley filters. As with the EQ sliders, center detent provides a guaranteed flat response.

  • The Low/Mid crossover point is 300 Hz.
  • The Mid/High crossover point is 4 kHz.
  • The control range is +6 dB to OFF.
Tone Control Response

Additionally, the LOW CUT and HIGH CUT FILTERS remove the unheard and unwanted extremeties.

  • The LOW CUT FILTER is adjustable over four octaves with a frequency range of 15 Hz to 240 Hz.
  • The HIGH CUT FILTER is adjustable over two octaves from 5 kHz to 20 kHz.
Cut Filter Response

DEQ 60L Literature

Note: The DEQ 60 model has been discontinued. Though it shares most DEQ 60L features, It had shorter faders and did not have the Cut-Only mode switch. Its manual is here.

DEQ 60L Support

Can I use the XLR and 1/4" and Euro outputs at the same time?

Yes. Both sets of output connections may be used simultaneously. However only one input may be used at a time. If you combine a unbalanced 1/4" with a balanced XLR you could create a ground loop problem. See "Sound System Interconnection" below.

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DEQ60L Graphic Equalizer