Rane Factory Contacts

If you need to send us snail mail, warranty cards, or a unit for repair, ship to:
Rane Corporation, 10802 47th Avenue West, Mukilteo WA 98275-5000
(Our town is pronounced  MUCK-ill-Tee-oh and it is an Indian word meaning 'good camping ground')

Main Telephone

  • Call 425-355-6000 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM USA Pacific Time Monday through Friday and talk to a real person. Serato products have several options. For Rane Technical Support, see the hours listed below. Our current time is. The Rane Factory will be closed December 24-28 and January 1-4.

Domestic & International Sales & Marketing

Domestic U.S. Sales

Customer Service


To obtain a return authorization, call 425-355-6000. Have your model name and serial number ready. Ship to the address below.

Technical Support

Have your model name and serial number ready. Telephone support at 425-355-6000 is only available 8:30 AM to 1PM and 2PM to 5PM Monday through Friday, Pacific Coast Time. Our current time is

If you need help with Serato DJ or Scratch Live with Rane DJ hardware, ask for DJ Tech Support. Other Serato product support options are here. Online answers are available anytime at the Serato Forum or at the Rane DJ Support Forum.

  • Rafael Moya DJ Products, Scratch Live and Mixers (English & Español)  
  • Zach Stone DJ Products, Scratch Live and Mixers  
  • Shaun Whitcher DJ Products, Scratch Live, Mixers & Discontinued Models  

Systems Design Assistance / Technical Support

  • Chris Duncan Technical Support Digital Products, HAL and Halogen, Drag Net, RaneWare and Networking 425-551-1822


Corporate Officers



Who to Call

  • Product Features & Information - Chris, Shaun, Zach, Mike
  • Placing Orders - Debbie
  • Checking on Shipments - Debbie, Theresa
  • Technical Support - Chris, Shaun, Zach, Jon, Steve
  • Factory Service - Chris
  • Placing Parts Orders - Rafael
  • Checking Parts Orders - Rafael
  • Printed Literature Requests - Debbie
  • Printed Manual Requests - Chris, Shaun, Zach
  • Literature Requests - Ellen, Theresa, Debbie
  • Graphics, Publishing Files, Webmaster - Jeff
  • Editorial Contact and Advertising - Ellen
  • Checking on Status of Accounts - Marli
  • Dealer Applications - Contact your local representative.

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Call us via telephone during normal business hours (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time) at 425-355-6000.

Service techs are available after 8:30 AM.

Our current time is

You may fax us any time at 425-347-7757.

Our postal mailing address is: Rane Corporation, 10802 47th Avenue West, Mukilteo, WA, 98275 USA

If you prefer hard copies of literature in the mail, you may email or call us at 425-551-1833.

Driving directions to the Rane factory in PDF format.