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Adding and Configuring a Paging Station

A paging station provides an audio input to your paging system. You have the option of using a RAD pager (for example, a PAGER1) or another type of pager (such as a paging microphone controlled by a switch closure). The RAD pager connects to HAL via a RAD port while the switch closure connects via a Logic In port.

Choosing the best type of paging station to use depends on what you're trying to accomplish. If your system has multiple zones and multiple paging stations that could potentially conflict with one another, we recommend the RAD pager. In addition to its paging microphone and a push-to-talk button, it includes a display of the available Paging Scenarios (defined below) as well as LED status lights to inform the end user if a specific Scenario is available to page into. For more details, see PAGER1 Device. If your system needs only a simple page into a single Scenario, a page microphone controlled by a switch closure may be all you need.

The topics in this section explain how to add a Pager1 RAD and a custom pager to your system. Also included is the procedure for assigning paging Scenarios to an individual paging station. Click a topic below to view its contents.

Adding and Configuring a Pager1 RAD

Adding and Configuring a Paging Station Block

Assigning Scenarios to a Paging Station