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Creating Controls for External Control Systems

This section provides step-by-step instructions for creating controls for use by an external control system.

There are four types of external controls: Level, Selector, Toggle and Command. Not surprisingly, these are the same control types used throughout the HAL system. To determine which type you need, you must first decide what you want to allow the end user to see or do with your external control system. After identifying these things and determining where the corresponding controls are located in your configuration, you can add external controls to your configuration and then links the controls together to let your system work as you intend.

Before creating external controls in Halogen, we strongly recommend that you review About External Control Systems, which provides the background you need to most effectively work with external controls in the HAL System.

Click a link below to view the details on creating one of the four types of external controls.

Creating a Command External Control

Creating a Level External Control

Creating a Toggle External Control

Creating a Selector External Control