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Creating Control Links

Control linking allows you to tie two or more system controls together so that they work in tandem. Let's say you want to allow end users to adjust volume in a specific location. One way to accomplish this is to install a DR1 in that location and, in Halogen, link the level control for that DR1 to the Gain property of the appropriate Level processing block in your design. This link causes these two controls to track one another. Change the volume on the DR1 and the Gain in the Level processing block changes. Change the Gain in the Level block (from within the software) and the DR1 changes. For more background information on control linking, see About Control Links.

This section includes step-by-step procedures for creating control links. Click a link to view the topic.

Creating a control link

Configuring a control link's properties

Activating/deactivating a control link