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DR6 Viewer Dialog Box

This section includes details for the main Control Page Designer dialog.

How to Access

You can access this dialog in multiple ways:

From the Control Page Designer dialog

To access the Control Page Designer, see Control Page Designer Dialog Box

Click on the Preview Page menu button in the Control Page Designer toolbar and select the DR6 you wish to view:

Preview Page on DR6

From the Halogen Control Palette

To access the Control Palette, see Accessing the Control Palette

Click on the hyperlink for the DR6 device that you wish to view:

From the Configure Page Access dialog

To access the Configure Page Access dialog, see Configure Page Access Dialog Box

Click on the hyperlink for the DR6 device that you wish to view:


Provides the ability to view and simulate the operation of a DR6 device in Halogen without the actual device hardware. The dialog also provides:

  • Viewing and assigning control pages assigned to the DR6.
  • DR6 resource usage.
  • Viewing and configuring automatic user logout settings.
  • Viewing and configuring automatic page navigation settings.
  • Accessing the Control Page Designer and the Configure Page Access dialogs.

User Interface Elements


Click a link to view more information about each part of the DR6 Viewer dialog:

DR6 Simulator

Page Assignment and Resources

Device Setup