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Ethernet Ports and Protocols


Communications between the PC (Halogen/RaneLink) and HAL

The PC and HAL exchange information using the following ports and protocols:

Local Port


Remote Port


Protocol Purpose
Any 22 TCP Secure file transfer
4992 Any TCP Meter control
4993 Any TCP Configuration
4994 Any UDP Discovery broadcast
4994 Any TCP RaneLink II
4995 Any TCP Meter data

These ports are listed from the PC's perspective to aid in configuring the PC's firewall so that RaneLink and Halogen can communicate with HAL hosts on your network.

HAL devices send occasional UDP broadcast messages. The RaneLink II service on the PC listens constantly for these messages and when it receives one, it does three things, if necessary:

Additional Ethernet Communications

Halogen and HAL also use the following ports and protocols (independently of each other) to communicate with other systems such as a DHCP server or external control systems:

Local Port

(PC or HAL)

Remote Port Protocol Purpose
68 67 UDP

DHCP Client

4996 Any TCP External Control systems (See Communicating with the External Control Server)


80 (HAL)

8880 (PC)

Any TCP Web Controls web server