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The RAD16 is a popular device for adding flexible I/O capability to Halogen systems. The new RAD16z adds further flexibility with the following improvements:

How To Use

The RAD16z covers applications possible with the original RAD16 with significant improvements qualifying it for even more applications, while still having the same plenum rating as RAD16. Most notably, it covers applications where galvanic isolation, logic I/O and universal Mic/Line/Line-Plus inputs are needed.

The addition of Logic I/O allows a RAD16z to support operations like push-to-talk microphones, preset recall, lighting and projector screen control. The RAD Port of the device features 500 volt galvanic isolation, a useful characteristic when bridging between locations with divergent technical grounds, eliminating any need for individual isolation transforms on audio inputs and outputs.

Application Example - Small Meeting Rooms

The application shown below represents a small meeting, classroom or distance learning room. Typical uses require a remote for preset recall, level control and source selection. Pairing a RAD16z and DR6 is an uncomplicated and capable solution.

Application Example - Galvanic Isolation

The application shown below represents a HAL system where a RAD16z must connect to audio devices in another part of the building with a divergent technical ground. This can require galvanic isolation from a HAL host or individual isolation transformers on analog I/O.