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RAD26 - One Room RAD


The RAD26 provides support for all of the audio I/O and control required to support a typical small room in a larger distributed audio system. Spa rooms, meeting rooms, group study rooms, and small conference rooms all require some set of the following features:

A wall mount RAD26 provides all the essential elements required for a small room with only one HAL-connected, shielded CAT 5e or better cable providing audio I/O, control and power.

The RAD26 is an input, output, amplifier and control solution for small rooms within a larger sound system. Hotels with small meeting rooms and spa rooms require local inputs and control and must also receive paging from elsewhere in the building. Many offices and campuses provide meeting and conference rooms for small groups which must support in-room A/V presentations but also receive emergency pages and announcements.

Key Features
  • Connects to any Halogen system RAD port via an RPI power injector (included)
  • Audio and Logic I/O are galvanically isolated from the RAD port
  • Flexible Inputs
    • Two universal Mic/Line/Line-Plus Inputs
      • Rear panel Euro connectors
      • Configure for: Dynamic Mic, Condenser Mic with 24 V phantom power, Unbalanced L+R Mono or Balanced Line
    • Aux Input via mini TRS jack
      • End user accessible input
      • Configure for Mono or Stereo Input
      • Read-only Logic indicates insertion of mini TRS
  • Flexible Outputs
    • Two balanced line-level outputs
      • Rear panel Euro connectors
      • Line Mute control
    • Headphone output via mini TRS jack
      • End user accessible
      • Read-only Logic indicates insertion of mini TRS
      • Headphone Mute control
    • Dual Class-D amplifier
      • 1X8 watts into 8 ohms in Single channel mode
      • 2X4 watts into 8 ohms in Dual channel mode
      • Integrated power limiter
      • Amp Mute control
  • Logic I/O
    • Rear panel Euro connectors
      • Three Logic inputs
    • Three Logic outputs
      • Directly drive LEDs with up to 5 mA
      • Open collector output accommodates +24 volts at 0.5 A
  • DR3-style remote control capable of simultaneously supporting a mix of Level, Selector, Toggle and Command controls on a higher resolution color display.
  • Signal/Overload & infrastructure Diagnostic Indicators on Top as show in Figure-2 below

Connection Diagram

The RAD26 is connected to a HAL in a similar way to how the DR6 is connected. It requires the included Remote Power Injector (RPI) power supply to be connected “inline” with its RAD port connection.

Application Example - Meeting or Classroom

This configuration works for presentations in both boardrooms and classrooms.

The mic connects to the rear of the RAD26. It can be from a ceiling mic, or from a handheld or lavalier wireless mic, with 24 V phantom power available for condenser mics.

A presenter can easily plug a laptop, tablet or smartphone into the sound system. A regular consumer cable with stereo 3.5 mm line plugs will work.

When no plug is present, background music or noise masking is available, sent from a HAL multiprocessor elsewhere in the building. A RAD26 selection decides which source, and how loud.

The amplifier is set to dual 4 watt mode to drive the left and right speakers.

The logic outputs can be configured with toggle commands to raise the motorized screen up and down, and turn the projector on and off.

HAL lets you page into this room, ducking the local audio, or overriding it — automatically.

Application Example - Hotel or Cruise Ship Guest Room

This configuration works for private guest rooms in hotels, resorts, and cruise ships.

The television line output connects to the rear of the RAD26, delivering better sound than the TV speakers. In-house video can deliver shows to guests, virtually expanding theater capacity to the entire ship or resort.

A guest can easily plug a laptop, tablet or smartphone into the sound system, using a regular consumer stereo 3.5 mm line plug cable.

On cruise ships, important messages from the captain must be heard in the room speakers. The volume control can be set for minimum and maximum levels so that important pages aren't missed, yet the guest is given volume control.

The amp is in dual 4 W mode to drive the two ceiling speakers. Depending on source material and speaker locations, stereo TV audio can wire to the two line inputs, or as Line-Plus left and right sum to mono. If the TV is mono'ed, the other input could be a local talkback mic.

When a guest's headphones are plugged in, the room speaker amplifiers can be optionally muted for the spouse to get some sleep.

Application Example - Massage Studio

This configuration provides a masseuse with easy and intuitive selection of either local or central background music sources and volume.

A desktop computer can supply audio to the rear of the RAD26 as a local background music source.

A masseuse can easily bring in a laptop, tablet, or smartphone connecting via a regular consumer stereo 3.5 mm cable to the AUX input. The RAD26 can be configured so that inserting an AUX plug can override another music source.

Background music can be sent from a HAL multiprocessor elsewhere in the building. Emergency pages are always available and will override a local music selection.

The amplifier is set to dual 4 watt mode to drive the left and right speakers above the table.

You can add extra bass by connecting a line output to a powered subwoofer.