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Example HAL1x Configuration

The external control system example uses a HAL1x configuration that includes a set of external controls linked to processing block and preset controls that demonstrate some common uses of the end user external controls. There is at least one control of each type: Command, Level, Selector, and Toggle. We’ve also constructed this configuration using only inputs and outputs available on the HAL1x so that you can load and apply this configuration to any HAL1x without having to attach and configure other devices such as RADs or DRs.

Creating the Example Configuration shows how to build the complete configuration from scratch. Of course, we also provide the configuration file for you so you don’t have to go through all of the work, but it’s your choice. You can either follow the directions below to create the configuration or open the file we provide and use the instructions below to learn about what’s in the configuration.

Alternatively, you can just read the Configuration Summary to learn what external controls this configuration provides.

Creating the Example Configuration

Configuration Summary