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  1. If you are having problems applying the example design to your touch panel:

    • Remember that design files are transferred to an AMX touch panel by way of the controller.
      • Open the Rane_HAL_TP.tp4 design file in TPDesign.
      • Select Connect from the Transfer menu to bring up the Connect dialog.
      • If there is no entry for your controller in the Connect dialog’s connection list add one by clicking the New button.
      • Once your controller has a connection in the list, select Send To Panel from the Transfer menu to transfer the design to the touch panel.
    • NetLinx Studio provides tools to help with troubleshooting connectivity problems.
      • Select Telnet Session from the Tools menu.
      • Add an entry with your controller’s IP to the List of Addresses in Telnet Settings if one does not exist.
      • Select your controller’s address entry and click the OK button to start the telnet session.
      • Type help from the telnet prompt to see the various command line tools at your disposal.
      • Verify that your controller has established communications with the control server running on your PC by entering ip status from the telnet prompt.
      • Verify that your touch panel has established communications with your controller by entering show tcp from the telnet prompt.

  2. If the AMX controller cannot connect to the Halogen Control Server:

    • Make sure the PC and controller are on the same network and have compatible IP addresses.
    • Make sure the IP address configured for the HAL1 in the controller is the IP address of the PC running Halogen and that the port is 4996.
    • Ensure that the firewall on the PC allows TCP/IP communication on port 4996.
  3. If the AMX controller connects to the Halogen Control Server but the controls do not operate as expected:

    • Make sure you have opened the example configuration in Halogen (ControlSystemSample.hal)
    • Check to see if you are using 0 as a device channel code in your AMX system

      note: 0 is a valid control number in Halogen (and other external control systems) but a device channel code of 0 has special significance in AMX. An AMX event handler with a device channel code of 0 fires when any event of that type is received from the device. For instance, pressing any button on a touch panel will trigger an event from device channel code 0 resulting in a message erroneously being sent to HAL control 0.

      To avoid using a control number of 0 in Halogen

      • Open the Control Systems dialog by clicking on the Control Systems icon in the Processing toolbar
      • Select each tab (Level, Select, Toggle and Command) in the Control Systems dialog and verify that none of the controls have a HAL control number of 0 assigned to them
      • If a HAL control has a number of 0 assigned to it change it to a non-zero HAL control number that matches the device channel code of the corresponding user interface widget in the AMX touch panel.