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  1. If the XPanel does not connect to the controller:

    • Check to make sure the controller's IP address configured in the XPanel is set correctly.
      • You can find and edit the IP address of your controller by using Crestron Toolbox to connect to it via a serial RS-232 interface.
      • Or you can edit XPanel’s Project Properties in Vision Tools Pro-e so that the Control System and e-Control Gateway IP addresses are set to your controller’s current IP address.
    • The XPanel will also fail to connect to the control system if the IP ID it is attempting to use is wrong.
      • The IP ID selected in the XPanel’s Project Properties should be that of the e-Control.
      • See the Ethernet Units section for how to find and modify these XPanel settings.
  2. If the controller cannot connect to the Halogen Control Server:

    • Make sure the PC and controller are on the same network and have compatible IP addresses.
    • Make sure the IP address configured for the HAL1x in the controller is the IP address of the PC running Halogen and that the port is 4996.
    • Ensure that the firewall on the PC allows TCP/IP communication on port 4996.
  3. If the controller connects to the Halogen Control Server but the controls do not operate as expected:

    • Make sure you have applied the configuration to the HAL1x (ControlSystemSample.hal). You can also do this by connecting to your HAL1x then loading the example configuration.
    • Use a telnet client to monitor and exercise the external control messages. See Appendix B: Using PuTTY to Test External Control Systems.