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The Complete Driver Application Interface

The following table shows all of the driver methods, properties, and events available to the Stardraw control application for the example HAL configuration. These all work similarly to the lounge volume level control that we described above.

Methods Properties Events
Lounge Volume Level
RequestLoungeVolumeLevel LoungeVolumeLevel


Mute All Toggle

RequestMuteAllToggle MuteAllToggle


Wall Open Toggle
RequestWallOpenToggle WallOpenToggle OnWallOpenToggleChanged
Lounge Source Selector
RequestSourceSelection SourceSelection OnSourceSelectionChanged
RequestSourceSelectionMaximum SourceSelectionMaximum OnSourceSelectionMaximumChanged
RequestSourceSelectionNames SourceSelectionNames OnSourceSelectionNamesChanged
Lounge Tone Selector
RequestToneSelection ToneSelection OnToneSelectionChanged
RequestToneSelectionMaximum ToneSelectionMaximum OnToneSelectionMaximumChanged
RequestToneSelectionNames ToneSelectionNames OnToneSelectionSelectionNamesChanged
Default Levels Command
Form Initialization