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Configuration Summary

The example configuration provides the following external controls:

  1. A Selector for lounge program source – control number 1

    There are three selections: Classical, Jazz, and Reggae

  2. A Selector for lounge tone (PEQ) – control number 2

    There are three selections: Soften Vocals, Smooth, and Boost Bass.

  3. A Level for lounge volume – control number 6

    This changes the output block’s level for the lounge.

  4. A Toggle to mute all audio outputs – control number 4

    This mutes all output blocks and sets their levels to Off. While setting the levels is not necessary, we’ve included it here to cause the lounge output level to change so the Halogen/HAL Control Server will send a ‘set level’ message.

  5. A Toggle to open and close the wall of a room combine block – control number 5
  6. A Command to reset audio outputs to default levels – control number 3

    This sets the three outputs to -20.0dB and un-mutes them. In addition, it sets the Mute All toggle control to unchecked so the state is consistent with the outputs being un-muted.