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Tracking Compressor


In all but one respect, the functionality of the Tracking Compressor is the same as the standard Halogen Compressor. The only difference is that an additional Input and output pair is provided. Room In and Room Out are the primary I/O pair and the compression gain calculation is based exclusively on the Room In signal. The calculated compression gain is then applied to both channels.

The block is used in applications where a slave-channel (Reference In) needs to track the compression of a primary channel (Room In). An Example is when AEC reference and room signals require the same processing.

See Compressor

See Introduction to Conferencing for an example application.

How to Use
Adding the Block to Your System
  1. Click the Processing tab to open the Processing Workspace.
  2. In the palette area, click the DSP tab.
  3. Expand the Conferencingcategory of blocks.
  4. Click and drag the Compressor:Tracking block into your Processing Map.
  5. Wire it into your system in the appropriate location.
  6. (Optional) Customize the names of the block and the input and output nodes by clicking their current name and then typing the custom name in the text box that appears. Click the X to save the name.

Configuring the Block

See Compressor Block, Configuring the Block

User Interface Elements
Tracking Compressor Block

Compressor Block

UI Element Purpose
Room In node Connection point for wiring the primary input to the compressor. This input is used exclusively to determine the compression gain. It is paired with the Room Out
Room Out node

Paired with Room In

Side-chain node The side-chain detects the incoming signal level of the Room In node and calculates the correct gain to apply to Room and Reference. The side-chain has a separate input, allowing external processing when desired. When not externally wired, the side-chain connects internally to the Room In node.
Reference In node Connection point for wiring a slave input to the compressor. This input is not used for the compressor’s gain calculation. The gain calculated for the primary channel is applied.
Reference Out node Paired with Reference In
Tracking Compressor Block Properties

Compressor Block Properties

The properties of the Tracking Compressor are identical to those of the standard Halogen Compressor Block with the addition of an output gain control and output meter for the reference channel. The two output gain controls should not be adjusted independently after system setup if the block is being used for the purpose of having an AEC reference track a Room output in a conferencing application.

See Compressor Block Properties