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Conference Room Processor Local Auto Mixer Block

The Local Auto Mixer automates the mix of multiple microphone input signals (coming into the relevant room) into a single output channel. Properties for this block are the same as the standalone Gain-sharing Auto Mixer block. See Gain-sharing Auto Mixer

The purpose of this auto mixer is to combine all microphones that need to be heard in the local or near-end room into a single output. This output may then be mixed into the near-end room via the Room Matrix Mixer. Inputs to this mixer may share microphones used for the far-end. In this case, the signal is taken before AEC blocks used for the far-end microphones.

note: The Local Auto Mixer block for a combined room contains (and mixes) the Mic In inputs from all the constituent base rooms.

See: Introduction to Conferencing.

Room Processor Properties (Gain-sharing Mixer)

To access this block, locate the relevant Conference Room Combine processor block on your Processing Map and open its properties. Click the Room Processors tab. Locate the relevant Room Processor block and open its properties. The Local Auto Mixer is a child block of the Room Processor block and appears as shown above. From here, you can open the Local Auto Mixer block properties by double-clicking the block or hovering and clicking the properties icon that appears in the upper right of the block's title bar.

This block is used to control the mix of microphones used for near-end signals. You can monitor the signal level of the output, mute the output, change the priority of individual input channels and mute individual input channels. This allows you to control source priority and which of the available sources is used in a particular Room Processor and at what level.

note: The signal path through the block is pre-wired and cannot be changed.

For more details, see the Conference Room Processor Block and Conference Room Combine.