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Block Reference

DR1 Device Control Properties

How to Access
  1. Click the Processing tab to open the Processing Workspace.
  2. On the Processing Palette, click the Control tab.
  3. In the Digital Remote Ports category (or Remote Audio Device Ports category as DRs can connect to those ports as well), click a DR1 device name, which is a hyperlink, to open its properties.
  4. note: DRs are not available on the Control tab until you have added them from within the Hardware Workspace.


Provides a central location for:

  • Setting the display font for the DR1 device.
  • Establishing a control link between the control and other controls
  • Viewing and changing the control's name
  • Setting the Display Label text for the control
  • Viewing and updating the current value of the control
  • Enabling and disabling the control
  • Adding the control to a preset and updating the baseline preset to current control settings
  • Viewing a simulation of how the control looks on a DR1 display
User Interface Elements

DR Level Control Properties

UI Element Purpose
Title Bar Name Area at the top of the properties dialog box that displays the DR's Device Name as well as the HAL/EXP device model, the HAL/EXP port to which the DR is connected, and the DR model: DR1 Title Bar
Font Family Select the font for all labels and values shown on the DR device. You can choose between Times New Roman and Arial fonts.

Shows the control type icon and name of the Level control as well as the standard control link icon.

You can change the control name by clicking on the edit name icon.

You can link the control to another control of the same type on the Processing Map. To do so, click, drag, and drop the Level control link icon onto the link icon of another level control on the Processing Map.

Display Label

Shows the label that will appear on the DR device. You can type a custom label in the edit box.

note: A yellow border and warning icon appears if not all of the text will be visible on the DR1 LCD.

warning! Halogen stores display names for DR controls in the baseline preset and in any other presets that you've added the control to. This means that after you have changed a DR display name, you should update the control in the appropriate presets. If you don't, the next time a preset that includes the control (including the baseline) is activated, the display label that you just entered is lost. To update a DR control in the baseline preset after changing the display label, click the Update Baseline Preset button on the far right: .


Reflects the value (from 0 to 100%) of the Level control, which you can manually adjust from within the software. The control does not alter audio level, however, until you link it to a Level control on the Processing Map by clicking, dragging, and then dropping the DR Level link icon onto the link icon of the Level control on the Processing Map. When the two controls are linked, they track one another (as long as the link is active).


Designates whether or not this DR Level control is enabled. You can manually enable or disable the control from within the software, or provide end users with the ability to enable or disable the control—by saving the desired state to a preset that is exposed to end users, or by linking the Enable Toggle control to another DR Toggle control.

note: When a control is disabled, it does not appear on the display of the Digital Remote device. The control is still functional in Halogen, but the user cannot use the control on the physical DR. You can use this setting to selectively change which controls the user is able to view and use on each DR depending on your application.

Preset icon and Update Baseline Preset button

The preset icon, , allows you to add the DR1 level control to a preset. When you drag the icon and drop it on a valid preset drop target, Halogen adds the control to the preset.

When you click on the Update Baseline Preset button, , Halogen updates the baseline preset with the current values of the DR1 level control.

LCD Displays a representation of the LCD on the DR1. This gives you an idea of what the DR1 will actually display for the level control's display label and value.