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EXP Device Control Properties

How to Access
  1. Click the Processing tab to open the Processing Workspace.
  2. On the Processing Palette, click the Control tab.
  3. Click an EXP device control category hyperlink, Logic Out to open the properties dialog and view the controls for that category.

Provides a central location for viewing, configuring, and linking all control ports provided directly by the EXP device.

The following table shows the control ports included in the various EXP models:

EXP Model Logic Out


User Interface Elements
Logic Out Ports

Logic Out Toggle Properties

UI Element Purpose
Port The Port number corresponds to the physical Logic Out hardware port on the EXP. Eight ports are available and you can configure them in a variety of ways.

Shows the control type icon and name of the Logic Out control as well as the standard control link icon.

You can change the control name by clicking on the edit name icon.

You can link the control to another control of the same type on the Processing Map (for example, a Mute control). To do so, click, drag, and drop the Logic Out control link icon onto the link icon of the control on the Processing Map.


Displays and allows you to change the current state of the Logic Out control according to its Control Type.

Toggle: Check or uncheck the Value checkbox

Select: Change the selection (On/Off) using the drop-down menu.

note: You can also view the selector value as a set of radio buttons by clicking the 'expand' arrow on the far right of the Value column.

Control Type

Allows you to view and change the control type of the Logic Out port - Toggle or Two Position Selector.

Preset icon and Update Baseline Preset button

The preset icon, , allows you to add one or all Logic Out controls to a preset. When you drag the icon in the header area and drop it on a valid preset drop target, Halogen adds all of the Logic Out controls to the preset. If you drag the preset icon from an individual Logic Out control, Halogen only adds that control to the target preset.

When you click on the Update Baseline Preset button, , Halogen updates the baseline preset for one or all Logic Out controls, setting the baseline preset to the current control values. When you click the button in the header area, Halogen updates the baseline preset for all Logic Out controls. If you click the button for an individual Logic Out control, Halogen only updates the baseline preset for that control.