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Block Reference

Room Processor Mixer Block

The Room Processor Mixer block mixes multiple input signals (coming into the relevant room) into a single output channel. This block is identical to the standalone Mixer block.

note: The Mixer block for a combined room contains (and mixes) the Line In inputs from all the constituent base rooms.

Room Processor Properties (Mixer Block)

To access this block, locate the relevant Room Combine Processor block on your Processing Map and open its properties. Click the Room Processors tab. Locate the relevant Room Processor block and open its properties. This Mixer block, which is a child block of the Room Processor block, appears. From here, you can open the Mixer block properties by double-clicking the block or hovering and clicking the properties icon that appears in the upper right of the block's title bar.

note: The signal path through the block is pre-wired and cannot be changed.

For more details, see the Room Processor Block and About Room Combine.