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Configuration Notes

How to Access
  • In the Edit section on the application toolbar, click Notes: Notes Icon

Provides a place to capture and save information about the configuration, information that would be helpful to other people working with the configuration or information that may be forgotten down the road if not written and saved. These notes become part of the configuration and are available when you open the configuration file.

User Interface Elements

Configuration Notes

UI Element Purpose
Editing area Type your configuration notes in the large edit area. If the text exceeds the initial area, a scroll bar appears allowing you to scroll up and down in the editing area.
Insert Date-Time button

Click to insert the current date and time. Use this button to date and time stamp an addition to the configuration notes.

Font Size selection

Choose a font size between 10 and 36 points for the configuration notes. Font size is stored on the local machine as a user preference and is not part of the configuration file. Meaning notes will always be shown in your preferred font size for any configuration you open.