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Configuration Settings

How to Access
  • In the Edit section on the application toolbar, click Settings: Configuration Settings Icon
User Interface Elements

Configuration Settings

UI Element Purpose
Bootup Behavior Designate how you want HAL to behave on bootup. Select Recall baseline preset if you want the system to return to the baseline preset whenever it boots up. Select Restore working values saved at shutdown if you want the system to return to the exact state it was in prior to its reboot.
Meter Peak Hold Time

Designate the length of time to hold the signal peak. Because the true peak value is constantly changing, it is difficult to determine the actual signal peaks when live program material is playing. Using this hold time, the top-most indicator in the system's meters remains at the most recent peak and stays at this value for the Meter Peak Hold Time (300 ms by default, which is typically sufficient). If a higher peak value occurs within the hold time, the system displays the new peak value and restarts the hold time clock. After the hold time elapses, the peak indicator drops at a rate of 12 dB per second until it hits the current peak value.

This setting can be a useful troubleshooting tool.