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DR6 Simulator

How to Access

This is a component of the DR6 Viewer dialog. To access the DR6 Viewer, see DR6 Viewer Dialog Box

The DR6 Simulator is the large area that appears in the right side of the dialog: DR6 Simulator Area


Provides the ability to view and simulate the operation of a DR6 device in Halogen without the actual device hardware. The DR6 Simulator allows:

  • Viewing of control pages assigned to the device and navigation between them.
  • Viewing and operation of all controls.
  • Login/logout of users assigned to the device.
  • Adjustment of the width of the auto-navigation tab area.
User Interface Elements

The DR6 Simulator shows a representation of the DR6 screen and appears in one of three ways depending on Device Setup configuration:

  • With Auto-Navigation disabled: DR6 Simulator with AutoNav off
  • With Auto-Navigation enabled, Single Button selected: DR6 Simulator with Button
  • With Auto-Navigation enabled, Tabs selected: DR6 Simulator with Tabs
UI Element Purpose
Main display area

Shows a representation of the current control page with all elements and functionality.

All controls and page navigation elements are active and you can test the operation of the device without needing actual DR6 device hardware.

Show Actual Size checkbox

When checked, the simulator displays the control page with approximately the same dimensions as the actual device. Use this to get a good idea of how the page will look on a DR6.

Current User This shows the name of the user currently logged in.
Auto-Navigation Single Button The simulator displays a navigation button on the bottom right of each page when Auto-Navigation is enabled and the auto-navigation selection is set to Singe Button. (See Device Setup for more details)

Auto-Navigation Tabs

Change Tab Width checkbox

The simulator displays a set of page navigation tabs on the right side of each page when Auto-Navigation is enabled and the auto-navigation selection is set to Tabs. (See Device Setup for more details)

To change the width of the tab area, check the Change Tab Width checkbox and drag the resize bar to the new width:Change Tab Width