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Image Properties Dialog Box

How to Access

This is a sub-dialog of the Control Page Designer dialog. To access the Control Page Designer, see Control Page Designer Dialog Box

Click on the hyperlink for an image in the Control Page Designer Elements Palette:

Presets on Processing Workspace Toolbar


Provides the ability to view and modify the name of the selected image and to change the image to a different image on your PC.

User Interface Elements

All Presets Dialog Box

UI Element Purpose

This is the name of the image file in the Halogen configuration. If you'd like to change the name to something more meaningful, click in the box and edit the text. Image names can be any combination of letters, numbers, and the underscore (_).

Change Image button

To select a completely different image, click the Change Image button. This causes Halogen to open a window that allows you to browse and select a new image file to replace the existing image file.

warning! If you have added an image to one or more control pages and then replace it with a new image using this dialog, Halogen updates all of the images on all of the control pages to the new image. It does not change the size of the existing image page elements, however.