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Web Login Button Page Element Dialog Box

How to Access

This is a sub-dialog box of the Control Page Designer dialog. To access the Control Page Designer, see Control Page Designer Dialog Box

note: The Web Login button is present only on the web system Login page, which the HAL web server uses to allow the user to enter an access code and login to web control pages. The DR6 does not use the Web Login page, but provides a different way for the user to login. See DR6 Viewer Dialog Box.

Open the common Page/Page Element properties dialog for the Web Login button in one of the following two ways:

  1. Double-click on the Login button in the page layout workspace.
  2. Select the Login button by clicking on it, then click on the Properties menu button in the Control Page Designer toolbar:
  3. Presets on Processing Workspace Toolbar


Provides the ability to view and modify properties for the Web Login button page element in the page layout workspace.

User Interface Elements

All Presets Dialog Box

The Web Login button appears as follows on the Login web page:

Color Properties

All of the color properties below use a common set of controls similar to the following:

When the Use Theme is configured, which is the default, Halogen uses the current page theme color.

When Custom is configured, Halogen uses the color shown in the color chooser. To select a new custom color, click on the color chooser drop-down arrow and scroll the list to find the color that you desire to use, then click on it.

The number beside the color in the color chooser is a unique reference number for that color to help you set the custom color to a specific color, perhaps matching a custom color that you've selected for a page element.

The color reset button resets the custom color to the current theme color and changes the selection to Use Theme.

Layout Properties

All of the layout properties below use a common set of controls similar to the following:

As you change the page element's position or size, the layout properties change to reflect the current settings.

You can also change position or size by entering new values directly into the Layout property text boxes.

note: Some page elements do not support resizing in both dimensions. In this case, the layout properties area shows all of the settings (X, Y, W, and H), but disables those you cannot change. For example, the HAL system sets a Selector control's height according to the number of selections in the active link. Because of this, the control page designer disables the H text box for the control.

The reset button resets Height and Width to the defaults for the page element's selected Size.

UI Element Purpose
Layout The top left (X,Y) position and height and width of the Web Login button.


A drop down menu which selects the overall size of the Web Login button as it appears on the control page.

Label: Text This is the text of the button's label on the control page.
Label: Text color

This is the color setting for the button's Label text.


All elements on a control page can overlap each other and are layered according to the order that you added them to the page. If you'd like to adjust the order so that this element appears either behind or in front of the other elements it overlaps, use these controls.

To move the element to the top of the order, so that it is in front of all other elements on the page, click the icon.

To move the element to the bottom of the order, so that it is behind all other elements on the page, click the icon.