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Show QR Code Dialog Box

How to Access

This is a sub-dialog of the Control Page Designer dialog. To access the Control Page Designer, see Control Page Designer Dialog Box

Click on the Preview menu button in the Control Page Designer toolbar and select Show QR Code:

Presets on Processing Workspace Toolbar


Provides the ability to view a QR code image for the web URL associated with the current control page.

note: A QR code is a type of two dimension barcode that is often used to encode the URL for a web page. If you scan one of these QR codes using a suitable application on a mobile device, a web browser opens and displays the web page. The intent of providing QR code images for web control pages is to allow easy navigation to the pages using a mobile device that can connect to the HAL web server.

User Interface Elements

All Presets Dialog Box

UI Element Purpose
Page Title:

The title for the web page - the name that appears in the Title: text box in the Control Page Designer toolbar.

note: The DR6 uses the Title in its navigation buttons for the control page (i.e., in the navigation tabs or navigation button menu).


The URL shows the full path to the web page, using the selected Halogen/HAL web server IP address. (HAL if you are connected to a HAL, Halogen if not)

note: Choose the web server IP to use by clicking on the Preview drop-down menu in the Control Page Designer toolbar and selecting an IP address in the Device IP Address area.

QR code image Displays the QR code for the URL. Scan this with a mobile device application that can open a web browser and navigate to the URL.