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User Interface Reference

Generate Device Labels

How to Access
  1. Click the Hardware tab to open the Hardware Workspace.
  2. In the Hardware Toolbar, click Generate Labels: Generate Labels

Opens a dialog box from which you can generate a PDF file containing labels for your RAD devices. The labels contain the RAD's channel names as listed in your Halogen configuration. For more details, see Generating Device Labels.

User Interface Elements

Generate Device Labels

UI Element Purpose
Label image Simulates what the label will look like.
Name and Location

An editable field that displays the path and file name for the PDF file to be generated.

Label Color

Select the label color you want from the dropdown list. Options are White, Black, and Ivory. The label image to the left reflects the chosen color.

Browse Click to open a browse window for selecting/typing the path and file name for the generated PDF file.
Create Click to create the PDF file containing the RAD labels. The labels contain the RAD channel names as listed in the currently open  Halogen configuration.
View Click to view the PDF file.