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EXP Navigation Panel

How to Access
  • Click the Hardware tab to open the Hardware Workspace. The EXP Navigation Panel is located in the Hardware Workspace between the Hardware Palette and the Hardware Map:

note: The EXP Navigation panel only appears in the Hardware Workspace when the HAL host device has an expansion port (e.g. HAL1x).


Displays the HAL device and a list of configured Expansion Units (EXPs). The EXP Navigation Panel allows you to:

  • Add an EXP to the end of the list or insert one anywhere in this list.
  • Move a configured EXP to another location in the list.
  • Swap a configured EXP with another in the list.
  • Delete a configured EXP from the list.
  • Select an EXP device for copy/paste operations.
  • Add a RAD or DR to the first available port in a HAL or EXP.
  • View the current state of RAD and DR ports for a configured HAL or EXP.
  • Set the HAL or EXP displayed in the Hardware Map.

For details see descriptions in the User Interface Elements section below.

User Interface Elements
The EXP Navigation Panel when not connected to a HAL:

Hardware Palette

The same EXP Navigation Panel when connected to HAL:

Hardware Palette

Add an EXP by dragging a device from the Palette:

View device properties or delete an EXP by hovering your mouse over a configured EXP:

Add a RAD or DR by dragging from the palette:

Move a RAD or DR by dragging from the Hardware Map: