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User Interface Reference

Link References Block

How to Access
  1. Click the Processing tab to open the Processing Workspace.
  2. On a control (located in a block on the Processing Map or on the Control palette) that is participating in at least one link, click its link icon. You'll know the control is a participant in a link if its link icon is bright purple (meaning it is active in a link): Link Icon or white (meaning it is participating in at least one link, but is inactive): Inactive Control Link Icon If the control is a participant in two or more links, its Link References dialog box opens, displaying all the links in which it is participating. If the control is a participant in only one link, that link's properties dialog box opens.

Displays all the links, in priority order, in which the control is a participant. The highest priority link is at the top of the list. Provides access to the properties dialog box for each link.

User Interface Elements

Link References Dialog Box

UI Element Purpose
Title Bar Identifies the control. The annotated image below describes each element of the text in the title bar:Link References Title Bar
Link Name The list of links in which this control is a participant. Each link name is a hyperlink that, when clicked, opens that link's properties dialog box.
Link Icon Shows the state of the control in each link. Bright purple indicates that the control is active in the link. White indicates the control is not active in the link. A control can be active in only one link at a time. It is always active in the active link that is highest in the control link priority list.