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User Interface Reference

Preset References Dialog Box

How to Access
  1. Click the Processing tab to open the Processing Workspace.
  2. Locate a block (in the Processing Map) or a control (in the Control palette) that is referenced by a preset. You'll know it is included in a preset if it has the following image beside it: Preset Participant Icon
  3. note: All blocks and controls are referenced by the Baseline preset. The icon shown above does not appear, however, unless the block or control is referenced by an additional preset—a preset created by a user. Note also that this icon can have one of three appearances.

  4. Click the preset icon: Preset Participant Box The Preset References dialog box opens.

The Preset References dialog box pertains to a single block, control, or link. It lists all the presets (in priority order) that reference that block, control, or link. From this dialog box you can:

  • open a preset's properties dialog box.
  • view each preset's priority number (in other words, its position in the Active Presets list). If a preset is inactive, it does not display a priority number.
  • view which presets, if any, have their Scratch Pad enabled.
  • update the block, control, or link's values stored in one or more of the listed presets.
User Interface Elements

Preset References

UI Element Purpose
Preset Name The list of presets that reference the selected block, control, or link. Click a preset name to open its properties dialog box.
Priority The location (and priority order) of the preset in the Active Presets list. If a preset is inactive, this item is blank. It is useful to remember that the most recent preset to affect the block, control, or link is the preset at the top of the list.
Scratch Pad Displays Enabled if the preset's Scratch Pad is enabled.
Update Click to update the block, control, or link's values stored in the preset. Clicking this button overwrites the values for this block or control stored in the preset with the block or control's current values.