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Processing Workspace Toolbar

How to Access
  • Click the Processing tab to open the Processing Workspace. The Processing Workspace Toolbar appears just above the Processing Map: Processing Toolbar

Contains options specific to the Processing Workspace: Presets, Linking, Control Systems, Paging, Events, Meters, Resources, and Save Baseline. Clicking an icon (with the exception of the Save Baseline icon) opens the relevant dialog box from which you can work with the feature or view relevant data.

note: When connected to a HAL, the connection status appears to the left of the workspace tabs: Connection Status

User Interface Elements

Processing Workspace Toolbar

UI Element Purpose
Presets Opens the All Presets dialog box from which you can view currently configured presets, view which presets are active, configure new presets, and establish a control link between a preset and a remote device.
Linking Opens the All Links dialog box from which you can view currently configured control links, view the priority order of existing control links, configure new control links, add controls to existing control links.
Control Systems Opens the Control Systems dialog box from which you can view currently configured controls that can be used with external control systems.
Paging Opens the Paging Manager dialog box which displays existing paging Zones, Scenarios, and Stations. You can configure new Scenarios and/or edit existing ones. You can assign paging Scenarios to paging Stations.
Events Opens the Event Manager dialog box from which you can view currently configured events, create new events, view the next activation/deactivation date and time for each event and setup links to the event activation triggers and enable state.
Meters Opens the Meters dialog box which displays groups of meters. You can create new groups and/or edit existing groups by dragging and dropping the meters from the various block property dialogs into the meter window.
Resources Opens the Resource Usage dialog box which displays data regarding HAL's current usage of the following resources: DSP, HAL Memory, Delay, Room Processors, Expansion Bus, and RAD & DR device usage.
Save Baseline Saves the current configuration to your Baseline preset.
Align Aligns the selected blocks left, top, right bottom, or distributes the blocks evenly in the horizontal or vertical direction.