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RAD and DR Model Picker Windows

How to Access
  • In the Hardware Workspace, click the small area on the far right of a RAD port (to see the RAD Model Picker) or DR port (to see the DR Model Picker): RAD/DR Model Picker Access

Choose the RAD or DR model to connect on the corresponding port. The Model Picker provides images and descriptions of each model available, so it is a good method to use if you are unsure of the details of each RAD and DR model.

User Interface Elements

RAD Model Picker: RAD Model Picker DR Model Picker: DR Model Picker

UI Element Purpose
Model list on left

Displays a list of all available models, also listing the inputs, outputs, and/or controls available on the device. To view details of a specific device, hover your cursor over it. To select a device for the corresponding port, simply click it.

note: Because you can connect DRs to RAD ports, the RAD Model Picker also includes the DR models.

Image on right

An image of the highlighted device, along with a detailed description.

note: When connected to a HAL, a message appears above the image indicating whether or not the selection matches the detected hardware: a green bar containing the word Match or an orange bar containing the word Mismatch.