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Reset System (Command Event Example)

A retail store closes at 10 pm most nights and on some holiday shopping days, the store closes at 11 pm. They need to reset the system every night for the next day’s business. Since they’re open 7 days a week, a single command event that resets the system every night at midnight works well.

To accomplish this, we’ll need a command event to trigger at midnight every day, and we will link the event to a command preset which contains the stored reset values. We need a preset in this case because not all the changing parameters are of the command type; some will be Levels, others Selectors and/or mutes (toggles). Thus, a command preset can store the myriad of types, settings and blocks and we’ll have the command event recall, or officially, “Assert” the command preset.

Setup the command event

  1. Create a new event, then configure it by clicking the underlined yellow default event name to open the details.
  2. Rename the event to “System Reset at Midnight” in the Name field.
  3. Set the Type – Just below the name, select Command to allow this event to be linked to the command preset that we’ll create in a moment.
  4. Recurrence – Weekly is the default and what we need, and to the right, keep the default of every “1” week. Then click every day, Sunday through Saturday. All seven days should be highlighted in yellow.
  5. At the bottom, set the Start At time to 12:00:00 AM.

Create a command preset and add blocks needed for the morning reset

Typically, for a “reset” the only blocks to store are the zone volumes and one or more selectors to return the background music source to a mellower channel for mornings. If your zone volumes and selectors are linked to DR remotes or web pages or 3rd-party controls, they will automatically update to match the stored preset settings.

  1. Click the Presets button in the Processing Workspace toolbar to open the All Presets window.
  2. Select the Command tab.
  3. At the bottom of the dialog, click the button to create a new command preset that will appear below the always-present Baseline preset.
  4. Rename the new preset “System Reset at Midnight” by clicking the white and blue rename icon to the right of the yellow preset name.
  5. Change the zone level and select blocks to the settings required for the morning preset.
  6. With the Preset dialog open, and while holding down the Ctrl key, click once on each Level and each Selector block to highlight all the blocks to be stored.
  7. With all the blocks highlighted, click-and-drag any one of the blue dice preset icons that appears to the upper right of each block , and drop the icon onto the blue “Add” button to the right of the System Reset at Midnight preset. This stores all the current settings of all highlighted blocks.

Link the event to the command preset

  1. To link the preset to the event, open both the Event Manager and the Preset dialogs.
  2. In the preset dialog, to the left of the System Reset at Midnight preset, drag the link icon , and drop it in the Event Manager window onto the similar link icon that’s to the right of the System Reset at Midnight event.
  3. A dialog opens so you can name the new command link (or “binding”) for these two objects. Now when the event is activated, the preset is asserted and the system is reset.

Test the event triggers and preset

To test that the event triggers the preset and the settings update properly, change a few of the zone level and selectors to varying values, and leave a couple of the level or selector dialogs open. In the Event Manager, click the Activate Trigger button on the System Reset at Midnight event.  Verify the preset is asserted, and the settings change.