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Applying a Configuration File to a HAL

If you are not currently connected to a HAL device, but would like to place the contents of a configuration file on the HAL, the quickest route is to apply the configuration.

To apply a configuration file to a HAL:

  1. Open the configuration file that you want to apply to a HAL.

    From the File menu in the application toolbar, click Open: Application Toolbar - Open FileIn the dialog box that opens, browse for and then select the configuration file that you want. Click the Open button.

    note: This step is not necessary if you are simply applying a configuration you have just created in Halogen.

  2. From the Device menu, click Apply: Application Toolbar-Apply
  3. The Apply Configuration to Device dialog box appears, displaying all detected HAL devices.
  4. Locate the HAL device you want and click its Apply button:

tip: To more quickly apply a configuration file, click the small down arrow next to the Apply command on the application toolbar. A list of detected and available HAL devices appears. (For a HAL device to be available — for the application of a configuration file — it must not be locked by another user and its firmware version must match your Halogen version.) To apply the configuration file to the desired HAL device, click that device in the list.

note: HAL automatically mutes its outputs whenever a new configuration is loaded or applied.