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Arranging the Base Rooms and Walls

After adding a Room Combine Processor to the Processing Map and configuring the number of rooms, you then need to configure the actual layout of the rooms as well as which walls are movable.

To configure the layout of the base rooms and walls in a Room Combine Processor block:

  1. In the Processing Map, locate the Room Combine Processor block you want to configure.
  2. Open the block's properties by double-clicking the block or hovering and clicking the properties icon that appears in the upper right of the block's title bar.
  3. In the properties dialog box, click the Layout & Control tab.
  4. In the Available Rooms box on the left, click and drag each room into the design area. Place the rooms according to their actual layout. You can resize a room by clicking one of its edges and dragging to enlarge or decrease its size: Resize Room
  5. When the rooms are arranged correctly, you then need to specify which walls are movable. To do so, click and drag the Movable icon (located under Walls in the box on the left) and drop it on each wall that is movable: Movable Wall
  6. You can extend the movable wall across multiple rooms, if necessary. For example, in the following layout, let's say that the wall dividing Room A from Rooms B and C will always be closed or open all the way. It will never be open just between Room B and Room A or between Room C and Room A. When you initially drag the movable icon to the rooms, the walls look like this: Add Walls

    It looks as if you have to create two movable walls for Room A—one between Room A and Room B and one between Room A and Room C. But that's not what you want. Instead, create just one movable wall (either between Room A and B, or between Room A and Room C), and then expand the wall across Room A: Expand Movable Wall

    As you specify movable walls, you can see all the resulting combinations in the Room Combinations box on the lower left: Possible Room Combinations

The next step is to configure control of the movable walls.