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Asserting the Baseline Preset

The Baseline preset is always defined as a Command preset—so that it can never be deactivated. Therefore, to return your system to the Baseline (the system's default state), you can assert it.

best practice: If you are working with Toggle and/or Selector presets, we recommend that you do not assert the Baseline. Instead, if you want to return to your default state, simply deactivate your Toggle and Selector presets. The system automatically falls back to the next preset in the preset priority list—which is typically the Baseline.

To assert the Baseline preset:

  1. In the Processing Workspace toolbar, click Presets to open the All Presets dialog box.

  2. Click the Command tab.
  3. Find the Baseline preset (it is always first in the list) and click its Assert button. When you assert the Baseline, it moves to the top of the preset priority list.

note: If you want to give end users the ability to assert the Baseline (return to defaults), you can link a remote device to the Baseline Assert control.