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Configuring Remote Control of the Room Configuration

After arranging the base rooms and designating which walls are movable, you then need to provide end users with the ability to tell the system which walls are actually open and which are closed. There are two options available for providing end users with this control:

  1. Link the Toggle controls (associated with each movable wall) to a DR, allowing the end user to specify if a certain wall is open or closed.
  2. Link the Selector control (associated with the list of possible room combinations) to a DR, allowing the end user to select which room configuration is currently active. This approach has one limitation. If there are more than 20 possible room combinations, you cannot link the Selector control to a DR, as the DR would be incapable of displaying all of the options. In this case, it would be best to use the Toggle approach.

warning! Once you have linked the Room Combinations Selector control, you cannot make changes to the room and wall layout. If changes are needed, you would have to remove the Selector control link, make your changes, and then re-link the Selector control.

note: Remember that, for testing purposes, you can work with these controls within the software. For example, you can select or deselect a wall's Toggle control to indicate that the wall is open (Toggle is selected) or closed (Toggle is deselected). You can also select an option in the Room Combinations Selector control.

For details on creating Toggle and Selector control links, see Creating a Control Link.

After completing your work on the Layout & Control tab, the next step is to configure the individual room processors.