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Copying and Pasting a Device

It is possible in the Hardware Map to copy a device from one port to another. When might you do this? Perhaps you've configured a RAD3 and plan to add several more RAD3 devices with the same configuration. Instead of repeating the process multiple times, you can simply copy the configured RAD3 to additional compatible ports. When you copy a device, its entire configuration is copied as well.

To copy and paste a device from one port to another:

  1. Click anywhere on the device you want to copy.
  2. note: Copy EXPs from the EXP Navigation Panel, RADs and DRs from the Hardware Map.

  3. In the menu that appears, click Copy.
  4. Right click the compatible port on which you want to paste the copied device. For example, if copying a RAD, you must paste it to another RAD port.
  5. note: The port does not have to be empty. You can paste a copied device onto a port occupied by another device. The pasted device overwrites the existing device.

  6. In the menu that appears, click Paste. The copied device appears on the port.
  7. note: If the Paste option is grayed out, that indicates you are trying to copy the device to an incompatible port.