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Creating, Viewing, and Modifying Notes about a HAL System Configuration

Halogen provides a simple text editor in which you can capture notes about a specific HAL configuration that may help you remember or help other people understand the details of that particular configuration and its associated devices. These notes are associated with the specific configuration, not with the HAL device itself.

note: You can add notes specific to the HAL device that are stored on the device. See the HAL Properties reference topic for details.

To create notes about a HAL System configuration:

  1. From the Edit menu in the application toolbar, click Notes: Application Toolbar-Notes
  2. In the text editor that appears, click Insert Date-Time and begin typing your notes:
  3. When you have finished entering your notes, click the X in the upper right corner to close the dialog box. The notes are automatically saved.

note: To later view and/or modify the notes, simply click Notes in the application toolbar to display the notes once again. From there you can read the notes, add new entries, or modify existing text.