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Generating Hardware Lists

The Generate List button creates an Excel file containing the models and quantities of all Rane devices in the Halogen configuration file. This is useful in a variety of ways:

  1. It provides an accurate list of the Rane hardware in your design. You can paste this into:

    • A bid’s spreadsheet for fast, accurate pricing
    • A specification equipment list
    • A purchase order. One intended benefit of this feature within Halogen’s Hardware Workspace is avoiding the following phone call we sometimes get at the factory: “Yeah, I’m installing a HAL System and have 14 Rane remotes, but there are only 12 ports to plug them in the rack room.” A costly mistake in both time and money.
  2. The Excel file has a column for each Rane model summarizing the physical size of each model. This provides a quick way to know:

    • How many rack spaces your design requires for Rane rack mount devices
    • How many US electrical boxes & how wide a box you need for Rane’s Decora-friendly RAD and DR devices
  3. Another column in the Excel file provides a link directly to each model’s web page. This allows quick access to each data sheet where you’ll find complete specifications. This is quite helpful if you’re assembling PDF (or printed) data sheet and manual documentation for a job site installation.

To generate hardware lists:

  1. Within Halogen, open the configuration file from which you want to generate a hardware list. Alternatively, if you have applied the configuration to a HAL device, you can open the device itself.
  2. In the Hardware Workspace, confirm that the devices are configured appropriately.
  3. In the Hardware Workspace toolbar, click Generate List: The Generate Hardware List dialog box displays.
  4. In Name and Location, browse for or type the location and file name you want for the XLS file you are generating. If you type the name of a folder that does not exist, the software will create it for you. By default, the file is named HardwareList.xls and is placed in C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Halogen HW List, although this location may vary depending on your operating system.
  5. Click Create. Halogen generates the Excel file and, once it is complete, enables the View button.
  6. Click View to open the file.