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Task 3: Pulling and Terminating shielded CAT 5e Cabling

You can terminate and plug in the shielded CAT 5e cables prior to or after installing the HAL into the audio rack. We recommend that you install the cables and the HAL before installing the EXPs, RADs and DRs. Each of these devices has the same cable requirements; Shielded CAT 5e or better. For more details about cable requirements including recommended type, maximum length, and termination, see CAT 5e Cable Requirements.

If you’re curious how the RAD network utilizes twisted pairs within the shielded CAT 5e cable for audio transmission, data communications, and power, see the illustration and explanation. Knowing how the wires are used can be helpful when troubleshooting RAD and DR connection problems.

Following are a list of things to consider when installing the shielded CAT 5e cables: