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Upgrading Halogen Software and HAL Firmware

For the HAL System to function, Halogen and the firmware located on your hardware devices must be the same version. When you install a new version of Halogen, firmware updates are also installed (on your computer). To actually install the new firmware on the devices themselves, you must then manually launch the firmware update process. The following procedures explain how to upgrade both the Halogen software and the firmware for your HAL and peripheral devices.

tip: Running multiple versions of Halogen on one computer: Installers can run any and every version of Halogen software needed, at any job site, new or old, without uninstalling and reinstalling anything. Halogen allows running any and every version – one at a time – on the same computer.

Here are details:

To upgrade the Halogen software:

Several options are available:

To upgrade the firmware on your HAL device and peripheral devices:

  1. Open the Connect to Device dialog box. If a detected HAL device contains firmware that is older than the version of Halogen running on that computer, an Update Firmware button associated with that HAL displays in the Operations column:

  2. note: If the firmware is newer than the software, a Roll Back Firmware button displays. Instead of rolling back your firmware, however, we strongly recommend downloading the latest version of Halogen, ensuring that you have the latest functionality available to you.

  3. Click the Update Firmware button to perform the update. As part of the firmware update, HAL also updates the firmware on all peripherals (RADs, DRs, EXPs). During an update, each device signifies in some way that its firmware is updating:
    • HAL—LEDs on front panel (Mic/Line and Output LEDs) display a racing pattern of green lights. In the Operations column for this HAL (in the Connect to Device dialog box), the button text displays Updating Firmware. When the update completes, the HAL reboots, reappears in the Connect to Device dialog box, and its Mic/Line and Output LEDs return to their normal operating behavior. At this point, HAL begins the update of its peripheral devices.
    • EXP—LEDs on front of EXP display a racing pattern. The racing pattern ceases when the update is complete.
    • RAD—LEDs on front of RAD display a racing pattern of green lights; RAD port LEDs on the front panel of HAL or EXP also display a racing pattern. The racing pattern ceases when the update is complete.
    • DR—Backlight is off, progress bar displays on LCD screen along with the text Updating firmware .... The DR screen displays Connecting ... when the update has completed. On the HAL or EXP, the DR port LED blinks, then ceases when the update is complete.
    • warning! A HAL update can take up to ten minutes to complete. Of course, during the update the audio system does not function. Therefore, it is best to perform a firmware update during off hours or a scheduled downtime.

      For more information about HAL firnware update, see Understanding the HAL Firmware Update Process.