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Activating or Asserting a Preset (from within the Halogen software)

This procedure explains how to activate or assert a preset from within the Halogen software, a powerful feature because it allows you to test your preset before installing (or even buying!) any hardware.

note: To apply a preset to an audio system, you activate it or assert it. For more details on activation versus assertion, see About Presets.To provide end users with control over the activation or assertion of a preset, you must link a remote hardware device to the preset.

To activate or assert a preset (within the Halogen application):

  1. In the Processing toolbar (in the Processing Workspace), click Presets to open the All Presets dialog box.
  2. In the All Presets dialog box, locate the preset you want to activate/assert/test.
  3. So that you can view what happens to the blocks' parameter settings when you activate/assert the preset, open all of the relevant blocks' properties dialog boxes. The easiest way to do this is as follows:
    1. Click the preset name in the All Presets dialog box (which opens the preset properties dialog box).
    2. Click each block name to display the block's property dialog.
  4. Activate or assert your preset as follows:
    • Toggle preset: Select its Active checkbox. This action simulates an end user pushing a toggle switch (either on a DR or some other remote device) to activate the preset.
    • Selector preset: Select its Active radio button. This action simulates an end user turning a DR knob to select this preset from a list of presets displayed in the LCD screen, and then pushing the knob to activate the preset.
    • Command preset: Click its Assert button. This action simulates an end user pushing a DR knob or some other remote device switch to assert the preset.
  5. Observe the block properties to determine if the preset is functioning correctly.