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Customizing the Baseline Preset

The Baseline preset (also known simply as the Baseline) is a Command preset that always exists. The Baseline is intended to preserve your default system state; and you can actively assert or fall back to it (which occurs when all other presets are deactivated) at any time. Although Halogen automatically creates the Baseline as you drag blocks into the Processing Map, it saves each block's default parameter values only. We highly recommend that you customize the Baseline to the default state you want for your system.

best practice: Customize your Baseline preset before creating other presets.

We also highly recommend that you learn as much as you can about the Baseline before you begin working with it. For details on its purpose and behavior, see About Presets.

To customize the Baseline preset:

  1. Decide what the default state of your system should be.
  2. Design your system in Halogen and configure all the blocks and control links to the default state you want.
  3. Configure display names for DRs.
  4. In the Processing Workspace toolbar, click Save Baseline.

warning! When you click Save Baseline, all blocks in your Processing Map are saved to the Baseline with their current parameter values. If you only want to save the values for one or a subset of blocks, do not click Save Baseline! You should instead update those specific blocks in the Baseline. For details, see Updating the Baseline Preset.