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Viewing the Contents of a Preset

There will certainly be moments when you need to review the contents and parameter values in a specific preset—unless you have a photographic memory!

tip: If you want to view the block parameter values saved to the preset, you'll need to activate or assert the preset. Therefore, you may want to do this offline or when the affected space is not in use.

To view the contents of a preset:

  1. In the Processing Workspace toolbar, click Presets to open the All Presets dialog box.
  2. In the All Presets dialog box, click the preset you want to examine. The preset's properties dialog box displays.
  3. Review the list of blocks and control links contained in the preset. Note that the activation status displayed for each control link is the activation status stored in the preset—not the control link's current activation status (although they could be the same): Presets Properties Dialog Box
  4. If you also want to review the actual parameter values in each of the blocks or controls in the preset, you'll need to activate or assert the preset. Return to the All Presets dialog box to activate/assert the preset (by clicking the Active checkbox for Toggle and Selector presets or by clicking the Assert button for Command presets). You'll also need to open all the blocks' and controls' properties dialog boxes to review their parameters. To do so, simply click each block and control name in the preset properties dialog box.