Working with Halogen Workspace Windows

Halogen is a window-intensive application. Each hardware device in your Hardware Map and each processing block in your Processing Map has a properties dialog box that you will likely open at some point. In addition to these windows, there are a variety of other windows you'll likely open at some point. Unless you have a monitor the size of today's big-screen TVs, or an array of monitors surrounding you, your Halogen screen can get quite busy.

To help alleviate some of this clutter, Halogen will temporarily hide all visible processing windows during operations involving the Hardware or Processing Workspaces. For example, if you drag a new device to the hardware workspace all visible property dialogs will be hidden for the duration of the drag operation. Similarly adding a new processing block to the Processing workspace or creating wires between existing blocks will also temporarily hide all visible property dialogs during the operation.

In addition to the above, Halogen hides all Processing windows when you're viewing the Hardware Workspace, and hides all Hardware windows when you're viewing the Processing Workspace. There may be times, however, when you want to see them all at the same time. The following procedure explains how to manage all of these windows.

To manage your Halogen workspace windows:

  1. In the Window section of the Application Toolbar, click Manage: Manage Windows Icon
  2.  A dropdown list displays four options:

  3. Choose the option you want to implement: