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Creating a Zone Processor

Using a HAL System Zone Processor greatly simplifies the addition of an output zone to your system. See About Zone Processing for more details.

best practice: If you are including a Distributed Program Bus in your system, it is recommended that you configure it prior to adding and configuring the Zone Processors for your system.

To create and configure a Zone Processor:

  1. Click the Processingtab to access the Processing Workspace.
  2. In the palette, click the DSP tab.
  3. In the Paging/Room Combine category, click and drag a Zone Processor block into your Processing Map. Drop it in the appropriate location in your system (preferably to the right of any relevant input blocks, if you have configured them).
  4. (Optional) Customize the Zone name by clicking the existing name and typing a custom name in the edit box that appears. Repeat this procedure to customize the name of the Paging Zone (click the name in the green box).
  5. Connect local inputs, if any, to the Zone Processor's input nodes.
  6. Connect the zone's output to the appropriate block(s) in your system.
  7. Open the Zone Processor's properties by double-clicking the block or hovering and clicking the properties icon that appears in the block's title bar.
  8. Open the zone's Priority Selector properties and configure them appropriately:
    1. Configure the zone's input priorities, if applicable.
    2. Configure the Detector Settings, which include Threshold, Low Cut, High Cut, Hold, and Ramp Back.
    3. If end users need control over input selection, link a DR to the input selection list (also in the Priority Selector properties).
  9. Open the zone's Level block and set its parameters appropriately for your system. If end users need control over the zone's volume, link a DR to the Level block's Gain parameter. The Mute parameter is also linkable. If you want to limit the range of end user volume control, simply adjust the Minimum and Maximum values of the Level control.
  10. Open the zone's Paging Zone block and configure its parameters appropriately. For more details, see Adding and Configuring a Paging Zone.