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Restarting the RaneLink II Service

Halogen employs a communications service called RaneLink II that helps control the connectivity with any HAL devices on the network. RaneLink II is a communications application created by Rane that runs in the background, aiding Halogen in locating and connecting to HAL devices on the network. To determine if RaneLink II is running, check for its existence and status in your computer’s Services list, as described below:

Open Task Manager by either right-clicking an empty area on the taskbar or by pressing Ctrl-Shift-ESC. Click the Services tab. Look for RaneLink II in the list of services (you can sort the list by service name) and verify that its status is Running.

If RaneLink II is not present or not running, try rebooting your computer, and then checking its status again. If RaneLink II seems stuck and unable to be restarted, terminate the current RaneLink.exe process (by selecting it in the Task Manager Processes list and then clicking End Process). If you do not see RaneLink.exe in the Processes list, press the Show processes from all users button in the Task Manager. Upon termination, the RaneLink II service should start up again automatically. If not, you can restart it manually as described above. Verify that the Windows Application Event log is not full. If it is full, clear it and then set it to overwrite events as needed.

If RaneLink II fails to start after trying all the above options, it’s time to call Rane Technical Support . If you are familiar with the Windows Event Viewer, viewing any messages related to RaneLink II may shed some light on the problem. However, we highly recommend calling Rane for assistance.