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Viewing Current Error and Warning States

You may see the following icons in the Connect to Device dialog box as well as in the individual property dialog boxes for the different hardware devices.

Icon Meaning Possible Causes


Status OK icon

Device is functioning properly You're a genius! You configured everything correctly.


Status Mismatch

A problem exists that you can use Halogen to fix.
  • There is a mismatch between one or more hardware devices and the current configuration on the HAL. To fix the problem, you can either use Halogen to swap devices so that they match, or you can connect the physical devices to their configured ports. We recommend using the software to swap devices as it is the simplest solution.
  • The Halogen version and device firmware version are out of sync. The solution depends on the nature of the version mismatch. In most cases, you need to either update the software and/or update the firmware.
  • note: When you perform a software update, the firmware is also updated.


Red Status Message

A problem exists that is unlikely to be fixable within the Halogen software.
  • There is a problem with the hardware. Check your hardware connections, as appropriate. If no solution is found, contact Rane Tech Support.
  • The configuration is corrupt. Load a new configuration into the HAL device.