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Expansion Units

This section provides an overview of available HAL Expansion Units. The original HAL1 has been discontinued and is now a legacy system that includes a FireWire Expansion Bus and supports a single expansion unit type, the EXP1.

Halogen version 3.0.0 introduced a new expansion bus, the HAL1x host, and a variety of new Expansion Units that you can connect to the bus. This section explains both the old and the new expansion systems and the available expansion units. Click a link to view the topic.

warning! The two expansion systems are not compatible with each other. You cannot connect a newer expansion unit (for example an EXP1x) to the older HAL1. Conversely, you cannot connect the older EXP1 to the newer HAL1x. The “x” in the HAL1x name indicates interoperability with expansion units that also have an “x” in their name, such as the EXP1x, EXP3x, and EXP5x

Overview of HAL1x Expansion Units

Overview of the EXP1x Device

Overview of the EXP2x Device

Overview of the EXP3x Device

Overview of the EXP5x Device

Overview of the EXP7x Device

Overview of HAL1 Expansion Unit

Overview of the EXP1 Device